Wednesday, 3 June 2009

37. A General Convention for Form - B.

A GENERAL CONVENTION FOR FORM is a suggested practical solution to the many problems emanating from our apparent anatomical obligation to use left-right bicyclic formal inversion as a central neural-mental principle.

The convention is an independent reference frame for thought, in which the general universe of forms (1) is subdivided in two ways.

In the trefoil device, the three great scholarly traditions of philosophy (2), logic (3) and mathematics (4) show overlapping borderlands (5, 6, 7) and share a central area of maximum overlap (8).

In the distracted gradient device, an analytically driven or clockwise reading is that the general universe (1) contains the physical universe (9) which contains the organic universe (10) which contains the human universe (11) -- the brains/minds of which contain the general universe -- which brings us back to (1) again.

A synthetically driven or anticlockwise reading is the inverse of the above.

The apparent evolutionary obligation of our brain wiring patterns to involve left-right bicyclic formal inversion implies new interpretations of many established ideas, some of which seem particularly heretical. Perhaps the most central heresy is described in the next post.

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