Wednesday, 3 June 2009

17. Formal inversion in C. elegans - H.

Here it can be seen that the information from the last diagram conforms to the details on the demonstration taste circuit.

Finally note that in the last stage of the circuit, the motor neurons connect with muscles (via similar connections to those between neurons), so that the worm may respond to the original taste stimulus -- by moving towards it or away from it.

The small diagram at the bottom is a mnemonic summary. The Minimal Model Thought circuit is one of left-right bicyclic inversion. Signals in left brain cycles travel in inverse directions to signals in right brain cycles and there are further mutually inverted cyclic paths for the exchange of signals between the two sides.

This demonstration circuit has been concerned with taste but as indicated earlier there are similar Minimal Model Thought circuits for smell and thermosensation.

We should now look at an overview of Minimal Model Brain activity -- as in the next figure.

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