Wednesday, 3 June 2009

15. Formal inversion in C. elegans - F.

On returning to our demonstration taste circuit, we can confirm that the specific anatomical sites [identified by White et al. (1986)] of the one-way connections between ASEL and AIBR and the circular connections between ASER and AIBL conform to the plots that we noted on the connectogram.

At the next stage in the circuit the AIB interneurons make connections with motor neurons called RIM (left and right again). Note now that the signals change direction yet again -- from clockwise to anticlockwise on one side of the circuit and from anticlockwise to clockwise (i.e. the formal inverse) on the other side.

Also note that once again there is a one-way connection and a two-way or circular connection but that the positioning of these is the inverse of the connections noted at the level above.

How have these patterns been elucidated? Via another connectogram, as shown in the next post.

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