Wednesday, 3 June 2009

18. Formal inversion in C. elegans - I.


We have been looking at one example of a neural pathway -- via which a taste stimulus (S) is converted into an appropriate response (R) -- as in (say) the upper path shown.

As previously noted, there are other instances of such wiring -- via which, for example smell or thermosensation stimuli (S) are converted into responses (R) -- as in (say) the lower path shown.

In addition, there are multiple connections across the grain of the S-R circuitry -- connecting sensory neurons with sensory neurons, interneurons with interneurons and motor neurons with motor neurons -- as shown.

The point of the illustration is to emphasise that all of the connections have the same basic form -- and that is the form of left-right bicyclic inversion. Readers requiring further details of these connections, both along and across the grain of worm brain circuitry, might wish to consult the main publication on the subject mentioned in the side bar.

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