Wednesday, 3 June 2009

26. Mind forms in human individuals - A.

Opinions will of course differ as to which mind forms genuinely exist, but it is suggested that there are certain generally recognisable patterns, the most evident being our habit of switching between synthesis and analysis and various elaborations of this habit. The suggestions are as follows.

[1] A FORMAL ZIGZAG pattern representing our (arguably) most basic habit.

[2] A FORMAL GRADIENT pattern - an elaboration in which for example we 'break down' the general universe into a contained physical universe that contains an organic universe that contains a human universe that in turn contains the concept of a general universe again --- or we 'build up' a human universe that is contained in an organic universe that is contained in a physical universe that is contained in a general universe that is a contained concept in the human universe again.

[3] A FORMAL CIRCULARITY pattern - an elaboration in which we emphasise the two-way circularity of the preceding pattern by separating out the various universes into a distracted gradient --- physical from general, organic from physical and so on. This pattern will be used later as a basis for a suggested General Reference Frame for Thought.

[4] A FORMAL ARC PATTERN pattern - which may be thought of as combining our typical zigzag and two-way circularity patterns into one pattern. The result is a pattern of zigzagging arcs. Each zig or zag arc is envisaged as a segment of a process that is apparently ultimately circular.

The next suggestion for an individual mind pattern takes the elaboration of the synthesis-analysis pattern a stage further.

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