Wednesday, 3 June 2009

27. Mind forms in human individuals - B.

[5] A FORMAL DRIVE pattern is a fifth suggestion for a generally recognisable mind form. Although all humans seem to make continuous use of their zigzagging arcs of thought, relatively few people appear equally at ease with their zigs and their zags. Most of us seem to prefer one or the other. This seems to have the effect of driving our individual trains of thought in our preferred direction --- either an analytically driven or a synthetically driven direction.

[6] In addition to the gradient and the distracted gradient patterns, humans have also evolved another pattern for dealing with the 'whole' general universe (the universe that combines abstract and physical complexity). This is the TREFOIL pattern, based on the three great scholarly traditions that include abstract forms in their deliberations, namely philosophy, logic and mathematics (marked P, L and M). The approaches typically show overlapping Borderlands in pairs and all three traditions and their borderlands also share a Trefoil Core of maximal overlap (marked C) where the ideas are common to all such approaches.

We shall next take a quick look at each of the great traditions.

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